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Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick Fry Pan 12.5"

Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick Fry Pan 12.5"

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With superior nonstick performance, this 12.5” Fry Pan is the "big daddy" of Swiss Diamond's lineup. Have a bigger family, and need to cook more burgers, more steaks, more scrambled eggs on that large burner on your stove? This is the guy. And because it's cast aluminum, it's bigger size does not mean it's heavy. This is not going to strain your wrist muscles like wrestling with those big cast iron monsters. (Not to disparage those workhorses of the kitchen, but their bulk and heft are not for everyone).

The Swiss Diamond nonstick XD coating, let's get it over with, has 20% more diamonds and is 40% more durable. Seriously, they test this by mechanically wearing away the surface with an abrasive, then periodically stopping to burn milk on it and see if it's still nonstick. So I take their word for it, it's measurable. But let's face it, XD also just looks cool. That dark surface with the subtle glitter in the background, this is great looking stuff. But that's not the main reason we buy cookware.

Performance is the reason we buy cookware. Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction means even heat distribution, so less stirring is required to make all of your favorites. No more scrubbing and soaking – the advanced new coating ensures easy cleanup with warm water and a soft, soapy sponge. In fact, a lot of times you can just run it under hot water and it already looks clean. But do use soap, and a non-abrasive sponge.

That heavy-duty cast aluminum also means this pan will not warp. Why? because it is a single piece of metal that will not try to separate from a different layer of metal next to it when it is shocked with cold water while still hot from cooking. Multi-clad stainless steel cookware is great for certain types of cooking if you're comfortable with it, but it will not stand those thermal shocks without warping, so you had better train those family members not to wash it while it's still hot. With Swiss Diamond XD, this is NOT a problem.

The XD coating also features an improved seal between the cooking surface and the aluminum base, resulting in a tougher, more corrosion resistant layer for an increase in both durability and food release properties. If you loved Swiss Diamond HD, you'll love this more. It performs better, it lasts longer, and don't forget it looks cool. 

Pro tip: All nonstick cookware is meant to be used at medium to medium-high on the stove top, not high heat.

  • Rivet-free cooking surface protects against bacteria buildup
  • PFOA-free nonstick surface designed to be used with little to no oils or butter
  • Comfortable, ergonomic, stay cool handles
  • Diamond heat conduction means even heat transfer and no hot spots
  • Heat-tempered, glass lids feature an adjustable steam vent
  • Ideal for years of healthy cooking
  • Produced in a safe environment exclusively in Switzerland
  • Recommended by the American Vegetarian Association for vegan/vegetarian cooking
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