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Swiss Diamond

Of all the cookware we've sold over the last ten years, and we sell quality brands, Swiss Diamond has outsold all the rest. You can have all types of cookware in your kitchen, and there are all types of cooks and meals. You have multi-clad stainless steel for that classic "fond" on the meat, deglazing, and making sauces. Higher skilled stuff. Tougher to clean. And it can warp if shoved under running water while still hot.

Enameled cast iron of high quality is great too, for its versatility, it's higher heat retention, and let's face it, the way it looks in your kitchen. Made in France, passed down from generation to generation, can't beat it.

That said, in the 21st century there is a definitely a place in your kitchen for quality nonstick cookware— nonstick cookware that's safely made, doesn't give off toxic chemicals, and that performs well and lasts. That is Swiss Diamond.

We began selling Swiss Diamond HD, but when they developed the superior XD coating, we immediately switched. With 20% more diamonds and 40% more durability (seriously, check the product details), it was a no-brainer. And our customers think so too.

Whether it's cooking fish that doesn't stick to the pan, easily sliding that spatula underneath those pancakes, or serving up a huge skillet of scrambled eggs, there is a need for nonstick cookware in today's kitchen. If you try to do everything in the kitchen with one type of pan, you're going to be frustrated and will not enjoy cooking. WE WANT YOU TO ENJOY COOKING!

So what's the deal with these diamond crystals, are they real? Of course they're real, they're synthetic! That's not just a Yogi-ism. Chemically there is no difference, but if these pans were made with diamonds from some monopolistic diamond mine, we couldn't afford them! Seriously, diamonds are a great conductor of heat, and they are very, very durable.

What else about Swiss Diamond...

Made in their factory in Sierre, Switzerland, Gold Medal at International Exhibition of Inventions, recommended for vegan and vegetarian cooking by the American Vegetarian Association, rated Best Nonstick Cookware by the leading U.S. consumer reporting organization, yada-yada-yada. It's not just us, lots of the who's-who in the housewares industry say this brand is the real deal. And we know you will too.

Swiss Diamond FAQ

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