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WellnessMats - Spring into Savings Sale

When a high quality, great value product goes on sale we will shout it from the hilltops. Right now that product is WellnessMats. Now through Mother's Day, May 10, all WellnessMats on our site are 20% off. And with FREE SHIPPING to your house (lower 48 only), this is a promotion you shouldn't miss.

If you're not already familiar with WellnessMats, you may wonder what is so special about them compared to the typical gel mat. Honestly, there is no comparison. Gel mats have squishy, uneven support, break down over time, and can cause damage to your floors. We had a gel mat behind our cash register, and by the time it needed replacing, it had almost fused to the floor. We had to use a hammer and a scraper to remove it, and it left behind permanent marks on the floor. We put a WellnessMat in its place and it's been there ever since.

WellnessMats are 100% polyurethane all the way through, providing firm but comfortable support edge-to-edge. They are puncture resistant, heat resistant, anti-microbial, and the beveled edges will not curl. Ever.

At home we have a large WellnessMat in the kitchen, providing coverage from sink to stove to dishwasher. Hours of cooking and cleaning immediately stopped causing me knee and back pain. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who stands for significant amounts of time on hard floors, whether on concrete, tile, or wood. You will feel a difference.

Now through Mother's Day, take advantage of these outstanding savings. For a mother of any age who is tough to buy for, who may say she has everything, give the gift of comfort. Or treat yourself to a WellnessMat. As the company says, "standing is believing." It sure is. 

Our WellnessMat Collection includes all of their "Quick Ship" styles at the top. These are the best-selling mats that the company keeps in stock, ready to go out the door in 1-2 days. Get closer detail in the images by clicking to zoom.



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