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Euro Scrubby


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    This product has been test-marketed and customers love it! They said it was the best thing they'd ever bought for scrubbing pots and pans and all kinds of solid surfaces. It can be used on non-stick pans as well as on glass and ceramic stovetops without scratching. Colors cannot be specified, but we will do our best to send a variety.
    Other Uses:
    • Cleaning enameled cast iron cookware
    • Scrubbing potatoes & carrots
    • Cleaning soap scum from tile and shower doors
    • Cleaning fridge, stoves & sinks
    • Cleaning chrome
    • Removing hard water deposits
    • Cleaning camping gear
    • Removing bug deposits from windshields
    • Giving wood a soft worn look
    • Cleaning golf clubs & other sporting equipment
    • Cleaning outdoor furniture