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3 X 2 Granite Wellness Mat


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    Soft yet strong, our new Granite finish lends a permanent decorative element to our mats. The Copper and Steel finishes are perfect for the kitchen, garage, grill, work bench or man-cave. As in all of our mats, the Granite Collection surface is incredibly supportive, resilient and feels like heaven on your feet. It is easy-to-clean, will never curl or delaminate and, of course, it provides unprecedented comfort and relief while you stand.

Wellness Mats

Wellness Mats, the standard in comfort. Unlike gel mats, they will not compress or stick to your floor. Clean them with boiling water or bleach if you want, it will not harm them! Made in the USA and featuring a 7-year warranty. For kitchen prep, washing dishes, or for any place where you spend time standing on hard floors, see why the Wellness Mats motto is "Standing is believing!"