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Lekue Spanish Omelette & Frittata Maker


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    Using the same principle as the regular Omelette Maker, the Spanish Omelette & Frittata Maker gives you more space and a different shape, allowing you to add more vegetables for frittatas...or even make pancakes! These are great for those looking to simplify their cooking, but also an excellent choice for those choosing to cook without butter or oil.

    Food-safe Platinum Silicone produces easy, quick, and healthy omelettes with little mess.

    -Dishwasher Safe

    -Engineered to cook omelettes evenly on both sides with an easy flip

    -Great gift for students in dorms or apartments!

    -Four Recipes Included:
    - Spanish Omelette
    - Vegetable Frittata
    - Okonomiyaki
    - Trinxat


The one-and-only silicone cookware brand that is a household name in Europe. Designed from the ground up for the microwave using food-safe, platinum grade silicone.