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Dreamfarm Chopula - Chopping Sit Up Spatula


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    Why do we recommend this funny-looking spatula with every piece of Swiss Diamond cookware that we sell? Because it's the spatula that does everything we ask of it— it flips, it chops, it scrapes, and it's flexible and strong.

    Chopula’s unique concave head design is flexible in one direction, so it can slide cleanly under your food fragile foods for easy lifting and flipping, and rigid in another direction, so you can chop your food as you cook.

    It's cleverly designed to let you chop your food without having to bring your hand too close to the heat. And when you need to put Chopula down, the nifty bend in the handle means Chopula sits up on its own, without dirtying your bench or having to rest against a hot pan.

    Chopula is curved in all the right places to let you thoroughly scrape your pan clean when you’re done. The nylon head won’t scratch your non-stick pans and, even better, Chopula won’t heat up and burn your hands.


Dreamfarm's anti-junk inventions policy has seen the company devoted to creating unique products people will want to use every day and has made it the only Australian design company to have ever received the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award three times in two years.