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Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer


MSRP $450.00

Our Price $399.95


$7.95 Flat Shipping up to $49.98

    The Hurom HH Elite Slow/Cold Press Juicer is Hurom's brand new 2014 release and a step above all other models in the range. The entire drum assembly has been redesigned. Thanks to a newly designed Ultem Auger, new Ultem Strainer, new Single Gear and Motor Technology, and the addition of a Pulp Lever, the HH Elite produces MORE juice than ever before with less waste and less pulp. In addition, rather than operating at the traditional slow juicer speed of 80rpm, the HH Elite motor rotates at just 45rpm ensuring an even gentler process of squeezing the juice from your fruit and vegetables.

    What results is the purest of juices that preserves even more nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and enzymes, and the best possible taste. The Hurom HH Elite will deliver the finest, silkiest, froth free green juices, nut milks and any other kind of juice you can wish for. From soft fruits to wheatgrasses, and everything in between, the HH Elite is the Ultimate Cold Press Juicer for the most demanding of juicing fans. If you want the best, then the breakthrough Hurom HH Elite is the juicer for you.

    • Pulp control lever and juice cap to customize your juices and smoothies for just the right amount of fiber and easy cleanup.
    • Dual stage low speed technology produces maximum amount of juice preserving 60% more vitamins and enzymes.
    • Works with fruit (soft and firm), vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and soybeans. Makes juices, smoothies, soups, milks, tofu.
    • Easy to clean with no sharp blades and compact parts.
    • Includes pulp extraction plugs and a brush set.
    • Quiet induction motor is backed by 10-year warranty.
    • Energy efficient, works without heat buildup and allows continuous juicing.


Since 1974, Hurom hasn't stopped thinking about how home appliance technology can benefit people and improve health. We always ask: "How can we help our customers take their health and vitality to the next level?" Our technology is recognized around world as the best method for extracting the purest nutrients.