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Spiral Vegetable Slicers – The Hot Cooking Trend

The Spirelli Spiral Cutter from Gefu

In late winter we started getting requests for spiral vegetable cutters. We figured it was the usual post-holiday, New Year’s resolution vow to get healthier, as interest in juicers and blenders had jumped as well. Then we received an email from our vendor for the Gefu Spirelli, and it all made sense—Dr. Oz. In February, Dr. Oz profiled the Spirelli on his show as his “Find of the Week,” and demonstrated how to use it— see the video at bottom. For the many people looking to cut their carb intake without sacrificing flavor and variety of foods, using spiral-cut veggies as a replacement for pasta is a big trend in cooking.

Now that the farmers markets are back, interest has spiked even higher. So it’s a good thing we have the Spirelli back in stock, as well its more versatile cousin, the Spiralfix. The Spirelli is a capable spiral cutter, with two sizes of cut, and gets the job done for smaller quantities. Best of all, its smaller size means you’ll easily find space for it in your gadget drawer. The Spiralfix is a little larger, but much more capable of cutting larger quantities of veggies. It also offers four cutting sizes and a much more precise cutting action, with the vegetable held completely inside the container. Turn the crank on top, and the sliced veggies collect in the bottom of the container. Watch the Spiralfix in action here.

The Spiralfix Slicer from Gefu

Whichever one you decide is best for you, both products from Gefu are quality, German-engineered gadgets to help you enjoy more zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, daikon, and many other vegetables. Use the raw or blanched veggies as pasta, like this zucchini pesto pasta; or as a cold salad, like one of our customers wanted to replicate after eating it at our nearby Japanese restaurant. Here is a wonderful non-dairy avocado dressing without oil to use for cold salads.

With spring finally here, we look forward to fresh veggies from the farmers markets, and we’ll be demonstrating these spiral slicers soon!



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