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Cooking Knives – 3 Reasons to Buy Forged

As a kitchen store, we get lots of shoppers looking for good kitchen knives, and we carry one of the best— Wüsthof Classic and Classic Ikon forged knives from Solingen, Germany. These are quality German steel knives made by the 7th-generation family-owned Wüsthof company. They are known for their exceptional balance, and when treated well and maintained, will last decades or even a lifetime.  Fine chefs the world over choose these knives as their tools of the trade. So why should you choose these knives for your kitchen, instead of some cheap stamped knives from you-know-where? Why forged?

  1. Durability- A forged knife is built to last. These knives should never fail on you, whether slicing through a tough vegetable, or using the flat of the blade to smash a clove of garlic (something we don’t recommend trying with a substandard knife). In the case of Wüsthof, these knives have gone through 40 steps in the manufacturing process. Using high quality steel, they are forged, cut, tempered, sharpened, and polished to produce a kitchen tool of utmost durability. Watch the manufacturing process below:

  3. Balance- Forged knives like those made by Wüsthof are made of a single piece of steel with a full tang, the steel that extends through the handle. This full tang is carefully engineered to produce a knife that is balanced so that when properly gripped, it does not feel like it is falling out of your hand. This is especially true of the 8-inch Cook’s Knife, and what we think is the Holy Grail of cook’s knives, the 8-inch Classic Ikon. Hold it with the proper grip, and you will understand why the best chefs prefer to use these knives as their primary tools, all day long, every day.
  4. Sharpening- With use, there is no way to escape the need for sharpening your knives eventually. The ultra-hard Japanese-style knives maintain their edges for a long time due to the hardness of the steel. However, when they do need sharpening, it can be difficult to get them as sharp as they started out. With sharpening, the sharpener needs to be harder than the knife. Wüsthof knives have a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, which many believe is the ideal hardness for a durable knife that can still easily take an edge. With heavy use, it is important to get that edge sharp again, and these knives are famed for how well they take an edge.

The choice of knives for your kitchen is a personal matter, with many variables to consider— style, weight, and price among them. For those serious about their time in the kitchen and who want professional tools for the tasks at hand, we believe Wüsthof knives offer the best of those factors. They’re tough, balanced, and take an edge very well. We’ve been extremely happy with ours, and we know you will be as well.

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