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About Us

Habitat began in 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska with a concept reflected in its name-- that a home is your habitat. It's not just where you live, but rather your whole environment. It's a place where you should be comfortable, it should reflect your style, and you should enjoy spending time there. So we set out to scour the Earth for the contemporary, unique, fun, and functional items to help you create your own habitat. Over the years we have offered everything from furniture, art, and glassware from Scandinavia to quality cookware and kitchen utensils from Switzerland, France, and across the globe. Today we offer a broad array of kitchen, gourmet, and gift items to help you outfit your home or those of your friends and family. Most important of all, as an independent kitchen and gift store, we strive to bring you value at all price ranges of our products, and to offer customer service that often cannot be found in larger stores. We want to help you find the right item you need for your home so that you enjoy it, whether you're cooking, cleaning, or just relaxing.